Provinces of Zion is a paper written by Pastor Jon that works out how to minister to a particular church neighborhood. It starts with prayer over a map like this one.

Reformation in Queens is an article on Reformation that traces its history from 2009 until mid 2016. The article was a June 2016 feature on

You’re Invited! is a pamphlet-based invitation to Reformation. We hope to invite all the families of Queens (get 1 million invitations out) over the next 10 years.

We are Weak, But He is Strong is an article by Jamie Dean which was in the February 2015 New Horizons. It is on the wonders and challenges that have become an every day reality in the Nieves Family.

The English Bible: A Concise Summary is an absolutely terrific and free resource designed, assimilated, and written by Pastor Jeremiah Montgomery of Resurrection OPC, State College, PA. This resource is the ideal place to take your over-all understanding of the Bible to the next level!

The ABCs of Short-Term Missions in New York During Reformation’s summer of 2014, we had the privilege of hosting a missions group from Michigan. The group spent a week helping us do outreach in Queens. This article from the Orthodox Presbyterian Church’s monthly New Horizons (December 2014) tells the story.

Turning Church Inside Out This article was published by the Orthodox Presbyterian Church in their monthly New Horizon’s publication. It summarizes our take on outreach and church-life.

What’s Up at Reformation? Here’s what goes on any given day in the life of the Reformation Congregation.

Why Orthodox Presbyterian? On every one of our bulletins, it says right on the cover that we are “A Mission Church of the Orthodox Presbyterian Church.” But why? In an age of non-denominationalism why are we denominational? This is a brief explanation as to why we are in fact Orthodox Presbyterians.

More Reformation Resources At Reformation, we believe that every believer in Jesus Christ is equipped through God’s word unto every good work (2 Timothy 3:16ff) and that includes the good work of evangelism and outreach. This is the catalog of materials we make available to each member and guest of Reformation. If you would like a one or some of these items, please e-mail Thanks!

Harmony of the Westminster Standards This is the Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger Catechism harmonized by the Westminster Shorter Catechism. These documents serve as the doctrinal confession of the church. For an annual reading plan on these same standards, click here.

Ordained Servant Article on Child Safety The following is part of the description of this edition of the Ordained Servant from Greg Reynolds: During the process of researching the revision of our policy, I encountered the wisdom of two Shishko brothers, the sons of the longtime pastor of Franklin Square OPC in New York, Bill Shishko. They have each contributed to this topic in ways that I hope will be a great help to all of our congregations, under the guidance of church officers. Christopher brings his legal skills to bear on this topic in “Volunteers and Your Church: Avoiding Legal Pitfalls.” Jonathan applies his church planting abilities to the problem of implementing Christopher’s advice in a small congregation in “Improving on the Status Quo: Child Safety.”