What to Expect

We hope you’ll find this website to be a helpful introduction to who we are and what we are about. The best way to learn about Reformation, however, is to join us for our morning worship service. If you choose to visit Reformation you will find us to be a welcoming, friendly, joyful, and diverse group, reflecting all ages and every stage of life.

We invite you to stay for a bit after the service so that we can get to know you better. We offer coffee and a table full of refreshments and we tend to linger after for extended times of conversation. We enjoy the relationships we have with each other but we also love to meet new people. 


Once you have found our location you will find ample parking around the Public School building. You’ll see our Reformation Presbyterian Church sign on the sidewalk of 67th Avenue, in front of the school’s main entrance. Upon entering the main entrance of the school, you will be welcomed by our greeters who will be able to direct you to the right places at the right times.


Our worship service is held in the auditorium, the large room to the left, right after you walk into the foyer from the main entrance. Feel free to sit wherever you like. You will not be asked to stand to introduce yourself or to pray out loud. We sing hymns and some contemporary songs. Our singing is accompanied by piano. If you don’t know a song we’re singing you can simply follow along silently.

We celebrate the Lord’s Supper during the last Sunday of each month. If you are trusting in Jesus Christ and have publicly confessed your faith in him at another church we welcome you to join with us in this holy meal.


During each service we receive an offering which is one way we express our gratitude to God for what he has done for us and given to us. We use the collected offering to maintain the ministries the Lord has given to us. We do not expect or depend on you, as a visitor, to give. Feel free to pass the plate on to the next person in the row.


If you have small children and prefer to worship together as a whole family we encourage you to do so. We recognize that small children might find it challenging to sit for a whole service and that, from time to time, they might even become disruptive to the point of interfering with the worship of those sitting near you. If this happens you may wish to take your child out to the foyer or you could take advantage of our safe, clean and well-staffed nursery located in the gym, directly across from the auditorium (just cross the foyer).


If you are planning a visit, you might be wondering if we have an unwritten or written dress code. Our members and friends arrive in anything from casual to semi-formal and you will not be judged for what you wear.